We specialize in processes of cutting, bending, rolling flat elements and pipes, welding by both TIG and MIG methods and assembly. We provide services in the comprehensive implementation of machinery and equipment and stainless steel components  for the Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Beverage Industries based on the documentation of our Clients.

Main Equipment Conceived which were Fabricated:

– Screw Conveyors;

– Conveying and Cooling Systems;

– Overhead Conveyors;

– Washers,

– Agitators;

– Big-bags Stations (dust free);

– Tanks; Storage and treatment tanks;

– Cistern equipment;

– Cooling Towers; Spiral freezers,

– Evaporators;

– Filters housing;

– Liquid and granulated product conduction pipes;

– Metallic Structures;

– Mixers/ Homogenizers (vertical and horizontal);

– Piping networks for the transport of liquids, gas and granulated products;

– Pressure Vessels;

– Sifters;

– Stainless steel, aluminum and other types of silos for storage of products;

– Storage of liquid, powder or granulated products;

– Tailor-made equipment suited for the customer needs;

– Automatic CIP cleaning facilities;

– Tubular heat exchangers;

– Vertical stairs with landing or spiral access;

MARKOPOL is a young and forceful team with an innovative approach.